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Axel Series



Axel is a high-speed laser processing center that incorporates flying optics with constant beam length to assure fast, accurate cutting in sheet metal or plate.

Equipped with automatic shuttle tables or multi-pallet CNC controlled load/unload system, Axel provides high-speed, cut-to-cut workpiece changeover and continuous, uninterrupted part processing. Quick set-up is assured by quick-change lenses, crash protection, laser eye, capacitive height sensing, high-pressure cutting, and standard NC focus. Axel's compact design optimizes use of floor space.

Axel features a constant beam length system that keeps the diameter of the laser beam constant and consequently always maintains a fixed focal point position. This results in higher cutting speeds and superior cut quality maintained over the entire working area.

Axel's modular construction and integrated automation capabilities enable the machine to be configured to meet the needs of specific applications. Axel can be configured with 1, 2 or 3 material loading stations. Additional automation capabilities can also be added at a future date.

  • High-speed cutting for fast, continuous processing of high quality parts
  • 1500 x 3000 mm (5' x 10') work table area
  • Incorporates automatic shuttle tables or a fully integrated and programmable load/unload system
  • Quick change lens (5", 7.5" and 10") equipped as standard
  • Laser Eye optical sensor referencing system allows automatic and non-contact sheet referencing
  • Capacitive height sensing maintains a constant distance between the head and the material being processed and adjusts to any undulations in the plate
  • NC focus control for rapid changeover times and optimised cutting
  • Constant beam length system ensures consistent cutting over the entire cutting area
  • NC Optimization maximizes machine productivity without operator intervention by automatically determining the cutting head motion based on travel distance
  • Fast cut-to-cut workpiece changeover
  • High reliability with low maintenance and operation costs
  • Integrated LVD - Fanuc machine, control, laser source and motor drive package
  • Modular construction allows for multiple loading stations, up to three material stations
  • High performance linear models available with 4 or 5 kW resonators achieving cutting speeds up to 40 m/min (1575 IPM) for maximum output

Key Options:

  • Plasma detection feature
  • Load/unload system
  • Choice of 2.5, 4, 5 kW laser sources
  • Cadman-L offline software

Models available:

Axel 3015 S                 Axel Linear 3015 S
Axel 3015 L                 Axel Linear 3015 L
Axel 3015 L2 / L2.2    Axel Linear 3015 L2 / L2.2
Axel 3015 L3               Axel Linear 3015 L3

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